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Art in the built environment – ​​here, too, law plays a role!


Tina Grønning and art:


I'm passionate about art - something I’ve had a very special relationship with since I was young - and over the years, it has given me an art collection that delights and enriches me every day. It makes me curious, makes me reflect - gives me joy. Art enriches my life as daily constructive interruptions in my legal work.


Through my many years as a curious art lover in DK and abroad, I have built up a large network within the gallery world and among the artists.


In my legal advice for Construction & Real Estate, building-integrated art is a real qualifier that can contribute raising the DGNB certification a developer or owner may want for his building.


Art can also promote a D&I agenda and play an active role in ESG.


My legal art advice is based on:


Many years of interest and a developed network in the world of art,


Many years of experience from my work in construction and project development,


A real understanding of the importance of architecture and the surroundings around the building must result in a larger whole - in which art also plays a role in perceived quality


A real joy in exchanging ideas and listening to the developer’s/owner's dreams and wishes for his property and its users – and from there, having art be the X factor that elevates a vision to new heights


My legal art advice includes the following:


Advice on integrating site-specific art into the built environment, including;


- selection of artists,


- drawing up contracts with the galleries,


- managing copyright,


- securing the developer's right to dispose of and ownership of the acquired art,


- ensuring that the materials used in the art comply with applicable environmental certifications,


- advice on contracting aspects and interfaces between the contractor selected for the construction and the art to be integrated.

Interview with Tina for an international art fair: Art is like a love affair

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